Alison Popp is an award-winning design professional with 20 years of experience. As a design professional creating user-centered, unique, and well-designed online experiences. Alison design, brand, and strategic communications.

Alison’s work has been recognized by many national and international design competitions, including The New York Art Directors Club, Communication Arts magazine, the AIGA, Graphis magazine, the American Center for Design, Print magazine, How magazine, Critique magazine, American Corporate Identity, and the Creativity Annual. Her work has also been featured in DesignAgencies.com and Interactive Design 1 by Graphis books, and Webworks: Navigation, Brochures that Work, and The Perfect Package by Rockport Publishers.

Before joining faculty at Ferris State University. Alison worked at BBK Studio (now PeopleDesign), Prior to that, Alison worked at Dawson & Company Creative Group and worked in the publishing industry. 

She holds a BS in Visual Communications from Ferris State University. She is an MBA with special studies in Design and Innovation Management.

She serves on the advisory board for the Careerline Tech Center and has lectured to the FSU student chapter of the AIGA. She twice judged for the Graphic Communications Skills USA state competition.

Awards and recognition

American Center for Design
ACD 22nd 100 Show

AIGA, the professional association for design
365: Annual Design Competition 26

Communication Arts Magazine
CA Design Annual 40
CA Interactive Annual 8
CA Interactive Design Annual 6

Critique Magazine
The Web Crit 2000
The Big Crit 1999

New York Art Directors Club
ADCNY 79th Annual
ADCNY 78th Annual

Graphis Poster 2005
Graphis Interactive Design Annual 2004
Graphis Letterhead 6
Graphis Design Annual 2001

Print Magazine
Print’s Regional Design Annual 2004
Print’s Regional Design Annual 1999

HOW Magazine
HOW’s Best of Digital Design
HOW’s 2000 International Design Annual
HOW’s 1999 International Design Annual
Your Design Career (Article 2001)
Identity Solutions

American Graphic Design USA
American Graphic Design Awards 2002

Graphic Design USA Magazine
Design Annual 2004
Design Annual 2003

American Graphic Design Awards
Step by Step Graphics Magazine
Step by Step Graphics 100 Vol 16 No 2

Step Inside Magazine
Step’s First Best of Web Design Annual

Books from Rockport Publishers
Design Secrets: Layout
The Perfect Package
Webworks: Navigation
Logo Lounge 2: 2,000 International Identities by Leading Designers
The Best of Brochure Design

David Carter Books
The Big book of Logos
Creativity 33
Creativity 32
Creativity 30
Creativity 29
Creativity 27
American Corporate Identity 19
American Corporate Identity 16
Global Corporate Identity
Big Book of Design Ideas

Dimensional Illustrators
3Dimensional & Digital Illustration

100s visual ideas: Formats, Folds & Bindings
100s visual ideas: Logos & Letterheads

Photo by Jessica Brock

Photo by Jessica Brock